Police VictimThe victim said the gunshot wound affected his spinal cord and has left him paralyzed
A victim of police shootout, Stephen Arthur has revealed that he has been left to sleep at the police hospital in Accra for over six years after he was shot by a police man on his way to Kasoa.

According to him, several IGPs have come to see and made promises to him but till date, he has not received any compensation from the Ghana Police service.

The victim said the gunshot wound affected his spinal cord and has left him paralyzed. Also, a tube has been connected to aid him to urinate.

Stephen Arthur explained that the police man who shot him did that purposely because they refused to give him money after he had requested for it.

“I got a lift to Kasoa from Bowdiase and we were stopped by a group of police officers. They requested that the driver give them something because it was Christmas. The driver complied and gave one of the police officers but later another one came and asked that the driver gives him money. But we encouraged the driver to decline so we decided to leave but he shot through the car and unfortunately for me, I was the one hit by the bullet and I have been left in a wheel chair without any justice or compensation from the Ghana police service,” he said.

Speaking exclusively on Agoo TV’s Yensempa show, the victim said the police has, however, told him the said police man who shot him has not been found six years after the incident occurred in 2011 and is on Police wanted list.

According to Stephen, his brother was offered a police job and a single room in Nungua in order to prevent the case from blowing up.

He added that after moving in to live with his brother, the family started maltreating him to an extent that he considered committing suicide several times. This he said forced him to return to the police hospital where he has been living for over six years.

He is, however, calling on the police service and government to come to his aid by providing him with accommodation and compensation to start a business from which he can earn a living and cater for himself.

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